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Monday, August 16, 2010

the alphabets: ABC

Suddenly I remembered a story about a little girl asking her mother a question. So I'm just sharing the story....


One day, a mother was teaching her daughter ABC. After a few minutes, the little girl asked her mother a question.

 Girl: Mummy, why it is learning ABC is important?

The mother was surprised by the question. But still she smiled at her lovely daughter and after thinking a while, she answered the question.

Mother: Baby, it is important to learn ABC as it is related to our daily life. You see, when we wake up in the morning, we started a big A for "Aahhh...!!"

Then, we get out of our "Bed" and go to the "Bathroom" to "Beautify" ourselves.

After that, I will make some "Coffee" for "Daddy" while preparing an "Egg" omelette for you.


The girl listens to her mother's story with a great interest and without any interruption as her mother continues.


Mother: ... and at night, after your brothers played the "Words" game and you finished practicing your "Xylophone", you will take your favorite "Yellow" all will go to "Zzz...".

You see, dear, each and everything is a day's life is related to ABC. You cannot get rid of the ABC as it is attached to us. Now, I hope you know why we should learn ABC, dear.


Ending her story with a smile, the mother looked at her daughter, and hugged her. Then, the little girl went to her room, bringing her ABC Book and from that day, she started reading it with lots of enthusiasm.


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