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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Day...

well.. as all of us know, yesterday is the World's Mother's Day. ada gak yang sambut besday on the same day... not to mention dalam bulan ni gak la Teacher's day [if i'm not wrong laa... hhehe]

actually ni a few years ago mas my sister's convo.

anyway, for me n my mom, no celebration. just a hug, a wish and lots of kisses!!! sebab bg gue, EVERYDAY is a mother's day! so kenapa perlu sambut on that very day saja? eventhough that day should be the most special day, tapi we should appreciate n honor our mother everyday [kadang ada gak salah ngan mama...huhuh.. ampun ma..]

apa pun, today is my most feveret nephew nye besday laks!! huhuh... tapi sayang dia ada kat Perak.. nak p celebrate pun tak dapat... takpe.. nanti belikan dia present.. hehehehe... ni pun tunggu nak tepon dia.. lum dapat wish dia lagi... .huhuh.. to Mohd Afiq Danial bin Mohd Zamri a.k.a Ayong, may your life fill with all the best thing and hope your wishes come true... mmuuuaahhhh!!!!! heheheh....

 zaman "nakal" dia... bout 5 years ago...


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